4 Rules for Safe Stretching

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4 Rules for Safe Stretching

1. Go Slow

When stretching make sure to move slowly. Ease yourself into positions so you don’t accidentally pull a muscle.

2. No Bouncing

When stretching yourself or someone else, do not bounce in and out of the split. Instead steadily apply pressure until you can’t go any further and hold at your maximum split.

3. Keep your knees straight.

Especially in your center split. Will you be able to go down as far? No, but your knees will thank you. You want to stretch your muscles not twist and strain your knees.

4. Avoid Over Stretching

Stretching too often can strain your muscles overtime. You need to let you muscles have time to repair before your next stretch. If you are a student, spend an hour once a day stretching or split it up into two 30 minute sessions.

If you feel pain in your hamstrings or groin area after an intense stretch, take a day or two before stretching again in order the let the pain subside. If addressed immediately, dancers usually recover pretty quickly. If you ignore the pain and keep stretching, you run the risk of pulling a muscle and that can take months to fully heal.
Not worth it.