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Ballet Workouts: Stretch Warm-Up

Trying to get your right or left split? This stretch routine focuses on stretching the muscles that will help you get down in your splits.

Ballet Workouts: Beginner Ballet Barre

Hello Beginning Ballet Students! Follow along with Miss Kathleen as she guides you through a basic ballet barre. Get pointers about your technique and learn how to do balancés at the end.

Ballet Workouts: Beginner Ballet Warm-Up

Looking for a fun ballet warm-up routine you can do at home? All the exercises in this video are designed to strengthen your core muscles and warm-up your feet. Follow along with Miss. Kathleen!

Ballet Workouts: Beginner Ballet Center Barre

Hello Beginner Ballet Students! Looking for ballet exercises you can do at home? Join Miss. Kathleen for this center barre workout!

Ballet Workout: Stronger Hips & Core

Want higher extensions? Strengthen your hips and core muscles! Try this 8 minute floor workout to get started!

Ballet Workouts: Alignment

Feel wobbly when you try to balance? Have trouble finding your center line in ballet class? These exercises will help you find your center line and strengthen the muscles that help you hold your alignment when dancing.

Ballet Workouts: Intermediate Ballet Center Barre

Looking for a quick ballet workout that you can do at home? This one will warm you up and only takes 8 minutes!

Ballet Workouts: Better Turns

Want better turns? Do your pirouettes feel off? Still can’t master your fouettés? In this video Miss. Kathleen will show you how to evaluate your turns using cause and effect experiments and guide you through some great preparation exercises that will help you get better pirouettes and fouettés in no time!

Ballet Workouts: Advanced Ballet Barre

Want more control when you dance? Want to improve your balances? Want better turns? This advanced ballet barre tutorial is full of tips to help you. Happy Dancing!

Ballet Tutorial: Pas de Bourées and Balancés

Want to learn how to do Pas de Bourées & Balancés? In this tutorial Miss. Kathleen 3 different versions of the pas de bourée step and breaks down 4 different variations of the balancé step.

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How To Do: A Cinnamon Bun

Hello everyone! I’ve had a lot of requests from my students to do a video showing you all how I do my Cinnamon Style Ballet Bun. If you have long or thick hair check out this video. Enjoy!

How to Create Your Own Home Dance Studio

Stuck at home, but still need to train? Here’s everything you need to build your own dance studio at home.

How To Do: A Perfect High Bun

Do you have a ton of hair? Is it hard to get it up into a high ponytail or bun? Try this easy trick!

Top Ten Products for Sore Muscles

Ballet and sore muscles go hand in hand. Here are 10 amazing products that will help relieve your tight, achy muscles.

How to Get Your Splits

There isn’t some special magic trick to getting your splits. It just takes a little effort and about 10-20 minutes a day. Follow Miss. Kathleen’s Ultimate Stretch Guide and you’ll have your splits in no time!