Secured Ballet Buns

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Want your child to perform better and concentrate in class?

Make sure their hair is up in a secure bun.

In ballet class we spin, leap, and turn a lot.

Messy buns with 2 bobby pins and top knots held together
with hair ties and scrunchies are not going to cut it.

Imagine trying to concentrate on a difficult turn with your
hair falling out. Or try spinning across the room with
your hair whipping you in the face.

It is distracting, annoying, and sometimes hurts.
Instead of paying attention to what’s being said in class,
your child is busy fixing their hair for the third time today.

How do you make a ballet bun that won't fall out?

Start with a tight ponytail, use lots of hair spray, use at least 10 bobby pins, and don’t forget a hair net.

Tight ponytail.

Lots of hair spray.

10-30 bobby pins

Hair Net

How can you tell if your ballet bun is secure enough for dance class?

Don't know how to make a ballet bun?

Check out these helpful videos.