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Miss Kathhleen's Cinnamon Ballet Bun

For Long or Thick Hair

What Material Do You Need?

2 Hair Ties

30-50 Bobby Pins

1 Hair Net

Hair Spray


Follow These Easy Steps

Step 1:

Spray you hair with lots of hairspray.

Step 2:

While still damp with hair spray, brush your hair and smooth it back.

Step 3:

Create a Part at the front and comb your hair to either side.

Step 4:

Grab about 2 inch thick portion of your bang section at the beginning of your part and twist inwards towards your head.

Step 5:

Use bobby pins to fasten the twist to your head by grabbing a bit of hair in the twist and some of the the hair at the base of your scalp with each bobby pin. To hide the pins line them up parallel with the twist and push them in from front to back.

Step 6:

Keep gathering more loose hair into the twist, bobby-pinning as you go. Repeat this process on the other side of your head.

Step 7:

Use 2 hair ties to fasten your ponytail. Make sure your ponytail is tight otherwise you will have a floppy bun.

Step 8:

Split your ponytail into 2-6 sections depending on thickness. For best results make sure each twist is .5-1 inch in diameter. (I like to do consecutively smaller twists for a more tapered look.)

Step 9:

In order to keep your bun centered on the back of your head you will have to alternate which side you pull each twist around. In this video for instance I pull my twists: Right, Left, Right, Left. (Remember that the twisting direction should match the side you are pull the twist around from otherwise the twist will unravel. Right Side: Twist Right & Left Side: Twist Left.

Step 10:

Use bobby pins all around the edge of your bun to fasten each twist to your head. The more the better. Push the bobby pins inwards towards the center of the bun and make sure to each bobby pin has hair from the twist and from the base of your scalp fastened together.

Step 11:

Once all your twists are pinned and fastened tight, do one final hairspray and shake test to make sure your hair and nice and secure.

Step 12:

Add a hair net to hide all those flyaways and you’re good to go!