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Stuck at home, but need to train?

Here's everything you need to build your own dance studio at home.

People are under quarantine all over the world, but that hasn’t stopped dancers from training at home. For many of us that means turning a space in our homes into a mini dance studio.

Since the COVID-19 quarantine began, I have received many questions about flooring, portable barres, and sound equipment, so I decided to put a list together of all the items I like to use at home in my own dance space and some other creative solutions I have seen other dancers use.

Stay home, stay healthy everyone. 


Flooring is the biggest problem for dancers trying to train at home. Especially ballerinas trying to dance en pointe. If you feel like you are dancing on a slip ‘n slide or sinking into carpet then check out these awesome floor solutions that can be rolled up and put away when you need more space.

Ballet Barres

Tired of hanging onto an ironing board or couch? These portable barres are easy to set up in your home, then broken down and pack up when you’re done.


Mirrors help dancers check their alignment and can add much needed light to a studio space. Here are some great solutions that can be mounted on a wall or freestanding depending on the space.

Tumbling Mats

If you are a gymnast, acro yogi, or contemporary dancer then a nice cushy tumbling mat is a necessity in your home studio. These two options are great for narrow spaces and can be rolled up and put away when you need your floor back.


Music Set-Up

If you have Alexa, she can sync to any bluetooth device. I tell her to sync to my i-phone and in seconds I have my Spotify playlist blasting throughout the house.

If you don’t have Alexa or a sound system, I highly recommend the JBL Portable Wireless Speaker. I bought one years ago when I started traveling to teach privates lessons. It is super small, easy to connect, and unbelievably loud!

Tools that Improve Flexibility

These are some of my favorite products for stretching!

  1. These stretch bands by TTolbi, come in a pair plus an instructional guide to get you started.
  2. I’ve always wanted a Flexistretcher of my own. You can use a resistance band in a pinch, but the Flexistretcher’s padding is way more comfortable when you are working on extensions.
  3. There are tons of foot stretchers out there that get the job done, but this one by StretchPRO has a surprise inside! A ballet turning board!
  4. I love the color of this yoga mat set complete with straps and blocks! All great tools for stretching and working on your splits.

Tools that Improve Strength & Stability

  1. Resistance Bands are the most versatile tools for dancers. You can use them to help you stretch, work on extensions, and build strength in all the right places. Don’t know how to use one? Check out this workout video.
  2. Stability balls have become popular amongst ballet dancers. It is a great tool to work on alignment and improve stability. Don’t know how to use a stability ball? Check out Progressing Ballet Technique. They have fantastic stability ball exercises specially designed to improve ballet technique. Follow PBT on Instagram for workout inspiration and videos tutorials.
  3. Turnout Disks are a tool I used as a kid. They are great for dancers who force their turnout because you can’t cheat. In order to stay turned out you have to use the muscles around your hips, like you are supposed to. Strengthening these hip muscles will improve your turnout, turns, and extensions. Use both disks and try pliés. Stand on one for stationary barre exercises, promenades, and extensions.

Tools for Better Balances & Turns

  1. Turning Boards is a great tool for dancers that struggle to get their knee straight while turning. The curved bottom of the turning board forces you to pull up you knees in order to turn and has helped many of my students improve their turns. Plus they are super fun!
  2. When balancing on demi pointe you can use your toes to maintain your balance, but you need strong toes with a lot of dexterity to do it. These small hedgehog pods are the perfect tool for developing toe strength.
  3. Want something you can just practice balancing on? Then the balance trainer is the perfect tool for you. Stand on the curved rubber side when balancing on demi then flip it over and use the hard flat side to practice balances on pointe.