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When you are running late for work how do you feel when you finally arrive?

Flustered? Rushed? Stressed? Upset?

When your child comes in late for class they feel the same way.

These feelings take away your child’s focus, diminishing their ability to learn and have fun. Creating a stress free environment can greatly improve your child’s performance in class.

One way you can help create that environment for your child is to make sure they get to their ballet class on time. Help your child develop good habits and learn to plan ahead. Punctuality will help them go far in life, but you have to teach through example.


Punctuality Lowers Stress

Students that come early to class are typically more relaxed when they walk in. They are more prepared and have an easier time remembering what they did in their prior lessons.

Students that come in late are frazzled and rushed. They are more likely to have their hair fall out, or loose things (like their ballet slippers) because they were in a rush trying to get ready.

Always try to bring your child at least 15 minutes early for class. This gives them time to change, stretch and catch up with friends before class begins. Plus, you get a bit of a buffer if there’s traffic.

Need time to do their ballet bun? Come to the studio 30 minutes early, so you have plenty of time to put their hair up in a secure bun.