Ballet Buns for Short Hair

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What Material Do You Need?

2 Hair Ties

10 Bobby Pins

1 Hair Net

Hair Spray

Follow These Easy Steps

Step 1:

Spray you hair with lots of hairspray.

Step 2:

While still damp with hair spray, brush your hair back into a ponytail.

Step 3:

Use 2 hair ties to fasten your ponytail. Make sure your ponytail is tight otherwise you will have a floppy bun.

Step 4:

Double up your hair net and use it like a bag. Fill the hairnet with your ponytail. (No need to twist it, keep the hair loose inside the hairnet, so it is easier to mold into the shape you want.)

Step 5:

With your hair inside the hair net, use the hair net to shape your hair into a bun shape.

Step 6:

Use bobby pins all around the edge of your bun to fasten it to your head. The more the better.