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Using Narrative to Strengthen Memory

Memories told in the form of a narrative can be retained more easily and strengthen your students training.

Guest Author: Miss. Kathleen

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4 Rules for Safe Stretching

Don’t want to hurt yourself while stretching? Here are 4 Easy Rules to Follow.

Guest Author: Guest Author Name

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The Seven Deadly Sins of Dance Technique

Throughout your dancing life, you’ve heard the same corrections over and over. The reason for the repetition? Dancers tend to make the same errors, sometimes with catastrophic results. Dance Magazine spoke to eight teachers about what they perceive to be the worst habits—the ones that will destroy a dancer’s technique—and what can be done to reverse the damage.

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A Dancer’s Brain Develops in a Unique Way

Music activates our deeper brain areas, but what happens in a dancer’s brain? Movement can trigger a flow state which makes way for an intuitive neural network.

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